4 Day Dive Trip

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Florida Keys

Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys and discover a world of vibrant marine life, colorful coral reefs, and exciting shipwrecks. With warm temperatures year-round and a variety of dive sites to explore, the Florida Keys offer an unforgettable underwater adventure for divers of all levels. From the iconic Christ of the Abyss statue to the stunning coral formations of Molasses Reef, this tropical paradise is a must-visit destination for any scuba diving enthusiast.

Includes:4 Dives

Florida Yacht Charters

No Regrets Yacht Charters
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Private charters range from 4 hours to 8 hours. We specialize in day charters, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette, corporate events, real estate tours, dinner parties, sunset cruises, sandbar events, etc.

Includes:Sightseeing magnificent homes along the intercoastal with friends and family. Seeing some of the world’s largest mega yachts.

History Hunts

Guided Metal Detecting Tours
Options Available

Experience the thrill of history with History Hunts, founded by metal detecting enthusiast Sal Guttuso. Join us for captivating small group hunts on historically significant lands, where we unearth relics and treasures while upholding ethical detecting practices. Our all-inclusive tours encompass lodging, detecting sessions, and expert insights from Sal’s lifelong expertise. Explore Civil War sites in southern states and beyond, immersing yourself in the past.


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